Sometimes I Want to Scream


Nice to meet you, I assume. Humans are generally nice, I find, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Or at any rate, they are marvellous. Pity we so often use that for cruelty.

Before, I start ranting and raving, I should probably say now that I’m hardly the poster-girl for the perfect human being. I find it easier to say bitchy things than nice things, I love gossip, I swear (way too much), I’m kinda selfish and I nag. And a whole heap of other faults that I’ve currently forgotten.

But I look around the world and there are so many worse things out there that I want to adress. I want to change things and yes, one of them is myself. I’m hoping that blogging will help me try and stop being so bitchy, selfish and nagging (although I refuse to give up on correcting grammar and spelling, I’ll just try to tone it down).

So that’s me. I’m meant to be doing my latin homework now so I’m gonna go. Nice talking to you.

P.S. Can someone explain ping and track backs to me…totally lost. šŸ˜€


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