Sometimes I Want to Scream

{February 20, 2010}   Teenage Girls

Teenage girls confuse me. Which sounds reasonable until I point out that I am a teenage girl. At which point it begins to sound a little weird. But back to the point. . .

A lot of things about them confuse me:

  • Their ability to lose all sense of self  so as to feel loved, whether this is by their friends or by their crushes.
  • Their ability to pretend that they are stupider than they are.
  • How they can wear such short skirts in such cold weather…Seriously. I’m all for people wearing whatever they want but THEY’RE TURNING BLUE.
  • And so on and so forth

The thing that confuses me most however is how good we are at feeling like shit. I feel like making a Bingo card and every time someone describes how they hate their legs, how XTY is sooo pretty, how they look awful, how they’re too fat, how they’re too skinny, how they’re too short, how they’re too hairy….It’s never ending.

Now I admit, I’m just as bad most of the time. And it seems to happen to everyone so I’m wondering what causes it. Environment? Genetics? People? Adverts? But more than that – I’m wondering how to stop it.

And that’s where the beauty of these two websites come in:

These are beautiful sites. I would attempt to explain them but a part of me thinks that it’s not worth it. They will explain themselves better. Please at least look at them. Thank you.



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