Sometimes I Want to Scream

{December 12, 2009}   Hello world!

I really came on here because I was the FreeRice website, trying to remember the Periodic Table (FreeRice asks you multiple choice questions – you choose the subject – so every correct answer donates rice to the hungry) looking for other ways to help. I came across the World Food Programme which suggested blogging to help. So here I am.

Please do something for the 1 billion people who are starving while you read the thoughts of a teenager (who’s very flattered by it). I know not everyone will be able to donate money – please do if you can- but almost anyone can donate 5 minutes to go on FreeRice and answer a few questions (and learn at the same time) or go on the Hunger Site and click the page.

Please help? I could offer you a ton of statistics like “400,000 infants could die around the world per year between 2009 and 2015” but I think that I can trust that you’re a sufficiently humane person to click a few buttons without that.

Thanks in advance. 😀


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